Each visitor can browse the Website/Application without providing any personal information. Personal data such as name, e-mail, phone, will only be needed if the visitor wishes to contact us through the contact form available on the website.

Under no circumstances do we store and maintain in any way these details in the database of the website.

2. Advertising, Statistics, Repeat Marketing We work with statistics companies (web/mobile app statistics), such as Google, to help us understand how the Website / Application is used and to record statistics such as the frequency of visits and the length of stay on web page.

To protect the anonymity of this information, we use encryption technology to ensure that third parties cannot cross-identify individuals. Partners may also collect anonymous information about other websites / applications you have used / downloaded, websites you visit, precise location information, other and non-precise location information in order to serve targeted advertisements within the Website / Application elsewhere.

Our partners have no independent use of this information that we pass on to them and have agreed to abide by it rules defined by the respective legislation.


Within our Website/Application, Social Networking and other related tools are provided that allow you to share your actions within the Website/Application with other applications, websites or mass media, and vice versa. Using such features allows information to be shared with your friends or the general public, depending on the settings you have specified in your personal profile. Please see the privacy policies of these social networking services for more information about how they handle your data.


The Website/Application may use cookies in order to improve the user’s experience while browsing it and also to improve the overall quality of its services. Cookies are small text files that are sent to a user’s computer when they visit a website. Cookies are stored on the visitor’s / user’s hard drive but do not take notice of any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate visitor/user access to our specific services, for statistical purposes in order to determine the areas in which said services are useful or popular, or for marketing purposes. The visitor / user / member of the Website/Application can set his browser in such a way as to prohibit the reception of all cookies or to notify him when a cookie is sent. However, a visitor / user / member of the Website/Application should be aware that some features or services of the Website/Application may not function properly without cookies.

5. Economic policy

  • All prices shown in service offers etc. are exempt from VAT by law for Greece, so the price shown in the total is the final price, but is subject to 19% for Cyprus, unless otherwise stated.
  • The total fee will be paid as follows:
    a) In order to commit our team for the specific date, at least 30% of the total amount is paid in advance (50% for a total amount less than €700 or if the time period is less than 5 months, until the date of the work) with the agreement, an amount which is not refundable for any reason and reason, including the possibility that the ceremony will not be held or if, through no fault of our team, the agreed works are not provided.
    b) In between and up to twenty days at the latest, before the agreed date of the ceremony half of the remaining agreed fee is paid in advance and
    c) full payment of the entire fee is made upon delivery to the couple of the digital material and/or the agreed goods.
  • If in the offer/order there are also albums or other printing works that will be done by companies other than ours, their total value as well as the balance of the invoice from all our services, is discounted on the date of their order to this company and not in their receipt.
  • The complete material will be delivered as described in the agreement in a time of 1-6 months after the work date depending on the workload and season. This time also includes the selection of photos and songs by the customer for the creation of the album, videos and prints if they are in the agreement.
  • In the event that the customer does not show up to collect their material within three months of being notified that everything is ready, there may be charges for holding the material or even permanent deletion of all material after notifying the customer.
  • This offer does not bind our side with the date which remains available. The date is secured only with its final acceptance by you and the payment of the advance payment as mentioned above.
  • This offer is valid while this date is available or until the end of the current month, unless otherwise specified.
  • In the event of a change of date, our team has the option, but not the obligation, to accept to provide the agreed work on the new date and to adapt the already existing agreement to the new data. But in no case is he obliged, as mentioned above, to return the advance payment paid.
  • In the event of an event of force majeure, indicatively referring to the cases of fire, illness and other serious cases, our team, since it cannot adequately fulfill its duties, undertakes the obligation to return any money payment that has been made up to that moment, In in this case and if the couple agrees, our team can propose and/or assign another professional photographer to complete the work if this is possible.
  • Modification of this agreement can only be made after a new written agreement of both parties
    * In the event that due to the pandemic, the sacrament cannot take place on the day agreed upon, this agreement is not canceled and the advance payment is not returned. We will move the date to another, which will be convenient for all of us, after consultation


Our company reserves the right to change or modify this Privacy Policy and its financial policy at any time, without notice to users / members. Such changes, modifications, additions or deletions will be effective immediately, i.e. upon their posting on the Website / Application. Any use of the Website / Application following such change or modification shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by the user / member of the changes, modifications, additions or deletions.

Date of last revision: 09/12/2023