See the dates when orthodox religious weddings are not held

All prospective couples prepare their wedding starting from setting the date.

However, there are some dates when weddings are not allowed according to the church.

The dates on which no weddings take place and for some of them no baptisms take place are the following:

  • September 14, the day on which the Exaltation of the Holy Cross is commemorated
  • From December 18 to 25, that is, the period of the Christmas Fast
  • January 5, the eve of Lights
  • January 6, day of celebration of the Epiphany – Day of Lights
  • Lent, the period from Clean Monday to Holy Saturday
  • Holy Saturdays, if they are in Lent
  • Of the Holy Spirit
  • of the Holy Apostles, from All Saints’ Sunday until the Eve of the feast
  • From August 1 to 15, the Fifteenth August Fast
  • August 29, the day on which the dissection of the Sacred Head of the Forerunner is commemorated

Also, it is worth knowing that a Church may prohibit a wedding or a baptism if the date coincides with the date celebrated by the Church.

However, if there is a serious reason that a sacrament must be performed, then special permission must be given by the Metropolitan.

In any case, of course, you should contact your parish priest to be properly informed.

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